A scalable network to meet the demands of today while helping payors prepare for tomorrow


In between delivering exceptional member experiences and staying up to date on new laws and regulations, it can be difficult for payors to keep pace with all of the changes in the market. What they need is a proven partner that can help them create, scale and manage their network of providers today and deliver actionable insights to help them prepare for tomorrow.

Our solution

With a robust network of 8,000 practitioners that deliver nearly 3 million hours of care each year, Catalight provides a scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of payors and their members. Benefits of partnering with us include our:

  • Experience — At the center of our Care Services is a group of experienced behavioral health professionals ranging from licensed social workers to clinical psychologists. They are hyper-focused on driving operational efficiencies, improving quality and creating repeatable, predictable processes that support the delivery of affordable outcome-based care. To ensure they meet the latest clinical standards, we conduct peer reviews, host regular provider meetings, offer continuing education opportunities, and provide comprehensive resources, training and direction.
  • Breadth and depth — The sheer size of our network allows us to quickly scale up and respond to the growing membership needs of payors. We offer new programs and out-of-the-box thinking while continuing to deliver individualized care.
  • Consistent quality of care outcomes — Through our provider dashboards, we get a clear view into the progress and outcomes of our clients, including subpopulations, allowing us build a level of standardization and help providers deliver a consistent quality of care.


Because of this, we partner with one of California’s largest payors to manage a network of nearly 100 provider groups who collectively serve more than 12,000 families a day. Through our expertise in network management and the delivery of innovative — and individualized — care services, we provide progressive and predictable access to quality care for the behavioral health community.

About Catalight

Catalight breaks down barriers and biases to create a more equitable world so people with developmental disabilities can choose their path. Catalight provides access to innovative, individualized care services, clinical research and advocacy — all powered by intelligent Xolv Technology Solutions. Through the work of affiliate partners, Easterseals Hawaii and Easterseals Northern California, Catalight and its family of companies support people with developmental disabilities and their families to support them across their care journey.

The Catalight family of companies is one of the largest behavioral health networks in the nation with more than 8,000 practitioners serving 14,000 clients and families every day. Backed by more than a decade of experience and a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, we are reimagining the way people with developmental disabilities and their families experience healthcare. Catalight’s goal is to ensure that individuals and families receive timely access to evidence-based treatment, including naturalistic developmental and language-based services, applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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