Suzanne Beigel

Associate Director, Clinical Education

Suzanne Beigel's career in behavioral health spans over two decades, marked by a steadfast commitment to enhancing practitioner learning experiences. Her educational foundation includes a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning and sharing knowledge, a Master of Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University East Bay. Her contributions span various disciplines, including psychology, social work, and child development, where she has effectively merged creative training techniques with applied behavior analysis. This foundation gives her the insights to foster leading-edge educational strategies in a quickly evolving clinical landscape.

Suzanne's professional path has been characterized by her ability to design and implement comprehensive training programs that leverage adult learning principles and state-of-the-art technology. Her instructional design initiatives are geared toward creating accessible, captivating, and meaningful learning experiences that resonate with adult learners and meet the demands of contemporary education.

With a keen interest in disseminating and implementing best practices in adult education and clinical practice, Suzanne is driven to ensure that the latest and most effective methodologies reach educators and practitioners. Her current endeavors focus on the continuous improvement of clinical education programs, ensuring that they reflect the highest standards and contribute to the evolution of behavioral health learning experiences.