Martin Reed

Martin Reed

Board of Directors

Martin Reed’s vision of streamlining our food systems through logistics and technology has made him a leader and innovator in the field of sustainability.

He is passionate about empowering low-income populations to produce, process, and store food within the confines of a small urban footprint. In 2010, he created the first online sustainable seafood site connecting consumers with 22 fishermen nationwide. acquired the company in 2014. He now runs a non-profit that works to ensure equality and transparency in the seafood supply chain.

Martin worked for three years in college as a behavioral therapist for a girl with autism. He believes this experience provided valuable insight into the process of care facilitation and wants to use this knowledge to help streamline and scale Catalight Foundation’s mission.

Having successfully run several businesses, Martin has experience in creating a vision, allocating resources, anticipating challenges, and seeing things through to completion – all skills he believes will help him make wise decisions for Catalight’s present and future. Healthy communication is important to Martin and he has created several functional teams by building lasting relationships through creative thinking, problem solving, and conflict resolution.