Catalight Shows Commitment to New Accessibility ToolPartners with accessiBe – a Leader of Web Accessibility Solutions

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In order for a website to be truly user-friendly, it needs to be accessible to every single user and their individual needs.  

Given Catalight’s values, daily work with the disabled, commitment to inclusivity and core business of supporting people with developmental disabilities, it was vital that the non-profit company had a website that was navigable by all. To do that, Catalight partnered with accessiBe, an industry leader in web accessibility solutions, to ensure it was approachable for individuals for those with unique needs.  

Shortly after being hired at Catalight, one of the largest behavioral health networks in the United States, Vice President of Marketing and Communications Megan McDevitt undertook the task of ensuring was brought up to the latest standards to broaden its reach.  

“Having previously worked toward accessibility goals at a different job, I immediately saw the benefit accessiBe brought to the table,” Megan said. “We always need to be thinking about the community we serve. As a company, we strive to break down barriers at every turn. We will continue to advocate for the needs of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and every individual.” 

Known for its cutting-edge approach to web accessibility, accessiBe offers a range of services – from audits to website installations. Their solutions exceed industry standards, keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape and reflect a commitment to building a usable online environment for individuals with disabilities.  

The company’s product enables browsing for users with a range of abilities, including those with vision impairments, blindness, epilepsy, ADHD and cognitive disabilities. With accessiBe integrated into the Catalight website, visitors can customize other features, like content and color adjustments, with a click – promoting comfortable and confident interactions. The accessiBe widget can be accessed by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner of

“The partnership is a natural one. Catalight’s purpose and accessiBe’s mission align.” Megan said. “Both organizations believe that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, should have equal access to information and online resources.”  

Web accessibility is not just about legal standards, it’s about ensuring that individuals with disabilities can reach online information and services for various areas, including education, employment and social interaction. For in particular, clients are better able to access the site’s news hub, treatment options, tools and resources. The increased visibility aids in exploring the range of services available and showcases how Catalight is bridging the gap between individuals with disabilities and the care they need.