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Where the science of health meets the art of innovation

At Catalight, we’re more than a provider of person-centered care, a partner with a purpose and a creator of inspired solutions. We’re a human-centered social enterprise made up of idea generators, curiosity seekers and lifelong explorers who help advance access to critical services and support for people with developmental disabilities.

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Serving more than 11,000 individuals and families each day.

Serving more than 11,000 individuals and families each day.

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We provide access to innovative, individualized care services, clinical research and advocacy —
all powered by intelligent technologies.

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Delivering care that changes people’s lives in ways that are most important to them.

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Growing a network of 6,000 practitioners and delivering nearly 3 million hours of care each year.

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Connecting clients and providers in as little as 5 days, decreasing the time to receive care.

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Backed by in-depth clinical data and research, our progressive new modalities of care provide flexible treatment options that meet families where they help to drive better outcomes.

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Putting meaningful tools right in the hands of caregivers, so they have the support they need anytime, anywhere.

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Building capacity to care

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From establishing industry-leading standards to building intelligent technology to exploring flexible and virtual modalities of care, our dedicated businesses draw on a breadth of experience to carve new paths and transform home and community-based health.

Catalight Care Services

Reimagining the way people experience healthcare by addressing barriers and biases.

Catalight Research Institute

Harnessing a decade’s worth of real-world clinical data and the deep experience of a multidisciplinary team to help improve clinical outcomes.

Catalight Innovations

Designing innovative tools and solutions to disrupt the current delivery of care.

Catalight Foundation

Illuminating inequities to raise capital and reinvest in systemic change.

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