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Thinking beyond one-size-fits-all approaches to care

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Driving the Evolution of Care

Catalight is reshaping the treatment landscape with new treatment options driven from 10 plus years of real-world experience and a deep bench of data that informs our research and treatment plans. Given the diverse population of clients and families we serve, one size doesn’t fit all and offering a variety of person-centered care options is critical to quality outcomes and overall wellbeing.

Pioneering New Paths

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Focused Expertise

Because we deliver 3 million annual service hours through expert providers, we have a deep understanding of ASD and IDD treatment and why our clients thrive with individualized care.

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Robust Clinical Data

With one of the largest collections of real-world clinical data focused on developmental disabilities, Catalight’s research team provides cutting-edge insights to advance the effectiveness of treatments for our clients and the industry as a whole.

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Innovative Technology

Our proprietary range of care support technology includes wearable devices, mobile applications and practitioner management software—empowering our practitioners, clients and their families at every step of their journey.

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Flexible Treatment Options

Our clinical approach considers a wider range of effective treatment modalities to tailor a plan that works best for each client and family and recognizes the diversity of needs within the ASD and I/DD community.

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Stronger Outcome Measures

Catalight uses several assessment tools that gauge quality of life and wellbeing as the true north in treatment success. These measures prioritize whether clients and their families are thriving, while many other tools focus more on success measures like goal attainment.

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Timely Access to Care

Our care services reduce the time to access care and promotes a speedy transition to a treatment plan by connecting clients and providers quickly—within just 5 days, on average.

With our suite of care modalities, we support every individual with personalized care, tailored to their unique situation.

  • Parent-Mediated Interventions​
  • Interventions Based in Applied Behavior Analysis​
  • Coaching / Direct with Client Interventions​
  • Developmental, Relationship Based Interventions

Broad Knowledge

Our multidisciplinary clinical team includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBAs®) and psychologists, as well as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) and neuropsychologists. This allows us to develop treatment programs that consider the wide array of factors influencing health and wellbeing, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Beyond offering care directly, Catalight also takes network management a step beyond contracting and compliance. We focus on matching people with the right providers and practitioners and on marshaling every resource to enhance overall client experience.

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Non-Profit Organization

Our work is motivated by people, not profit. We invest in our team members, services and support systems to improve the lives of those with ASD and I/DDs and the people who care for them.

Helping people motivates us because when our clients win, we win. With a keen focus on outcomes, we’re able to work in a value-based care framework to ensure cost savings for families and payers, while delivering quality at scale. 

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We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all and that treatment plans should reflect each client’s unique needs and goals.

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We know that supporting families and caregivers and meeting them where they are leads to better outcomes and wellbeing.

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We are passionate about advancing a more equitable world for all people with ASD and IDDs and the people who love them.

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