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New approaches to care can open up access, reduce risk and deliver quality outcomes

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A Comprehensive Portfolio

Payers face challenges of providing predictable access to timely ASD and I/DD care in a fast changing landscape. Partnerships that effectively deliver access, quality and value at scale are setting the standard for behavioral health care.

Catalight optimizes outcomes with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced care solutions. We offer networks built to scale for the needs of today and tomorrow so payers can efficiently deliver high-quality care and access with reduced cost and risk.

Why Catalight?

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Proven Quality

Catalight is accredited by CARF International (CARF), an independent nonprofit accreditor of health and human services for meeting internationally recognized standards for high-quality services. We ensure our clients receive the best possible treatment by partnering with providers who share our strong values and commitment to high standards of clinical care.

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Innovative Technology

With our intelligent proprietary technology, we manage and support our provider network to deliver exceptional care, scale to meet the demand for access and thrive as a critical partner in our effort to improve our clients’ healthcare experience. Our technologies include unique tools for dashboards, record keeping, billing, individual case authorization, measurement and member engagement.

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Scalable Care

With our extensive network, we are ready to support membership expansion with industry leading times to treat. Our clinical innovation, collaborative case management, extensive provider network and proprietary technology ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality care and client experiences.

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Treatment Options

Treatment options are the different treatment options we offer to meet the unique needs of our clients and their families. Our breadth of modalities is a competitive advantage for Catalight and critical for delivering person-centered care. While traditional three-tier ABA is important, in some situations, other modalities can be:

• More efficient
• Easier to access quickly
• Better for families
• Delivered via telehealth
• More cost-effective (less time to achieve positive outcomes)

Transform Your Behavioral Health Partnerships

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You want a partner who can focus on a strategy to help you achieve your organizational goals and who has an extensive network, operational strength and clinical excellence.

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We’re able to connect clients and providers in as little as 4-7 days, decreasing the time to care and resulting in greater satisfaction.

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Think about forming long-term partnerships that can scale. Relationships with established, experienced partners can contribute to long-term success and high quality outcomes.

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Partner with us to achieve measurable and repeatable results, backed by over a decade of real-world data.

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Scalable, data-driven partners with deep expertise can satisfy client objectives while adjusting to shifting regulatory requirements.

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