Delivering Efficient Care, So Families Have More Time to Focus on What Matters MostFind out How We’re Connecting Clients and Providers in as Little as 5 Days


From the moment a caregiver suspects their child has a developmental disability to the start of treatment, can be a long, time-consuming process requiring coordination across disparate groups of service providers. For many families, these barriers to care are difficult to overcome. But with the support of an experienced and efficient care network, they can get the services they need quickly.

Our Solution

As an accredited network of behavioral health providers, Catalight Care Services effectively connects clients, families, and providers through its integrated system, mitigating long-term challenges associated with delayed treatment. We make the delivery of care more efficient, accessible, and affordable by:

  • Reducing barriers to diagnosis — For clients who are unable to complete an initial assessment in person, we offer remote diagnostics through telehealth. This effective approach allows the treatment to take place straightaway, shortening the time to care.
  • Delivering immediate intervention — At the time of assessment, we provide clients with an intervention from a mental health practitioner and access to a multidisciplinary team. Concurrently, caregivers receive easy-to-use resources and guidance to support their child starting that day.
  • Expanding our robust network — With 8,000 practitioners in our network, we work collaboratively to ensure that our growing client base receives timely access to quality, individualized treatment.
  • Sharing relevant data — To help improve client care and quality standards, we share relevant clinical data and customer reviews with our providers. If there is a performance concern, the provider will know early and have the opportunity to course correct.


By connecting clients and providers in as little as five days, Catalight Care Services is decreasing the time to care while supporting the overall wellbeing of the family. And by giving parents and families the tools and resources they need, they can actively participate in the care cycle and make a significant difference in the outcome of their child.