An Innovative Digital Solution for Caregivers to Help Support Managing Care in Everyday LifeSee how our modern technology is making life easier for caregivers



Managing the complexities of developmental disabilities can be overwhelming — especially for caregivers. Without the right tools and resources, it’s challenging to connect with providers, find support from like-minded people in the community and access the most up-to-date treatment information. What caregivers need is a single source of truth that makes their lives easier.

Our Solution

While most electronic health applications in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) space focus on providers, myBrightlink® is a digital solution designed by Catalight specifically for caregivers. This powerful mobile application serves as the go-to resource for client families of Easterseals Northern California, providing them with:

  • Direct access — Through the secure messaging feature, caregivers can send direct communications to the client’s care team, getting the assistance they need – even in between sessions.
  • Education — Custom resources, Parent-Mediated ABA curriculum and curated content developed by a team of experienced contributors helps caregivers learn about diagnosis and methods for managing care within everyday life.
  • Treatment plans — As caregivers practice skills against treatment plan goals, they can document and share their observations in real time with the care team, allowing the treatment to be adjusted as needed.
  • Community connections — Caregivers can find support, make play dates and discover local autism-friendly and inclusive events through an online network of families in the community.


myBrightlink® empowers caregivers, offering them an easy-to-use solution that simplifies the complexities of care. Through this modern approach to how care is delivered, clients and their families have access to valuable information at the tips of their fingers. And they can connect to those guiding the treatment plan at anytime, anywhere.