Proven Leader in Behavioral Health Provides Timely Access to CareLearn How Our Team Successfully Serves More Than 12,000 Clients Every Day

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For clients with developmental disabilities and their families, it can be challenging to find the right level of care and support — especially with today’s current practices. Often, they are faced with a disjointed care journey and inconsistent outcomes. But with an experienced, results-driven partner, they can receive effective client-centered treatments that meets them where they are.

Our Solution

For more than a decade, we have provided clients and their families with timely access to evidence-based care. As one of the largest behavioral health networks in the U.S., we are laser-focused on helping to improve outcomes by offering:

  • Individualized care paths — Since every client is unique, we develop special treatment plans that align with the needs of each family.
  • Family-centered approach — We offer flexible interventions that not only benefit the child, but also the wellbeing of the entire family, giving them the confidence to handle everyday challenges. To measure the success of the program, we look at the breadth of outcomes across the entire family including quality of life.
  • Consistency in care — Through our multidisciplinary care team of social workers, family therapists, psychologists, counselors, Board Certified Behavior Analysts ®, and speech and language pathologists, we assess, monitor and guide clients through their care path so they can achieve their goals.


Serving more than 12,000 clients a day, Catalight Care Services is a proven leader in behavioral health. We deliver care that changes people’s lives in ways that are most important to them. In fact, in 2022, 79% of client families reported being satisfied with the services they received during their client care journey. And through our Parent-Mediated ABA method, there has been significant improvement in communication, as well as overall improvements in social skills and daily living skills. Furthermore, with our client population who exhibit dangerous behaviors, we have observed a 71% decrease in overall intensity of dangerous behavior.