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Chat is a naturalistic developmental program for parents and caregivers of children under six with language and social-emotional development delays.

Building Parenting Techniques

With Chat, you will teach your child new skills during your family’s regular routines. Breakfast, playtime, grocery shopping, and bedtime are all excellent times to support your child’s development.

Chat is not a “special time” you set aside to “work” with your child — it simply becomes part of how you parent. Your Chat clinician will help you build parenting techniques to support your child’s development and learn new skills and language while helping to reduce problem behavior. Chat is fun and playful. And, best of all, it’s individualized to meet your family’s goals.

Components of Chat

Developmental Milestones
Learning to help your child
reach goals

Sensory Profiles
Understanding your child’s
sensory needs

Using natural routines to
incorporate interventions

Mirroring to improve

Joint Attention
Two people focusing on the
same thing

Social Attention
Seeking and responding
to attention

Behavioral Strategies
Decreasing or increasing
certain behaviors

A very important part of
a child’s development

Chat might be an option
for your family.

Chat is a practical and naturalistic approach to helping parents and caregivers support their child’s development. This means it uses your child’s day-to-day interactions and activities as learning opportunities. Sound interesting? We encourage you to have a “chat” with your provider to find out if Chat is the right fit for you.

The Benefits of a Chat-Based Approach

With Chat, the use of everyday routines like making dinner or walking to the park become skill-building opportunities, so you can:

  • Support developmental milestones in naturalistic and playful ways.
  • Target communication, improve social skills and decrease problem behavior.
  • Building parental confidence while decreasing stress.

Chat incorporates interventions that meet the National Standards Project (NSP) for approved interventions and some emerging NPS interventions. So if you are looking for an intervention to support your child’s language and development that fits into your busy life and helps you as the parent, Chat may be exactly what you are looking for!

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