New Podcast on Innovative Autism and Other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Care Launches Today

Known for research and clinical innovation that challenges the status quo in developmental disabilities care, many people over the past few years have been asking, “what’s up with Catalight?”

So much so that Catalight, one of the largest behavioral health networks in the United States, decided to launch a podcast to answer that very question while reaching beyond its own walls and into the industry to discuss the future of autism and other intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) care.

“What’s Up With Catalight!,” hosted by Catalight’s Vice President of Clinical Excellence Lindsey Sneed, Ph.D., BCBA-D, premieres today on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The podcast promises to be a groundbreaking series that delves into the world of autism and other developmental disabilities, offering listeners an insider’s perspective on person-centered care, innovative treatment options and the transformative work being done at Catalight and elsewhere. Each episode features in-depth conversations with experts, caregivers and individuals who are at the forefront of advancing care and research in developmental disabilities.

A leading non-profit, Catalight is committed to reshaping the landscape of developmental disability care through treatment options, services, advocacy and educational resources. At its core, the podcast will highlight practitioners and caregivers who strive to enhance the wellbeing of the individuals in their care while increasing access, fostering inclusion, empowering through choice, promoting independence and asserting dignity for those with developmental disabilities and their families.

Dr. Sneed, a 15-year expert in the field who specializes in the development of new care models with a focused interest in parent-mediated interventions, will guide listeners through compelling discussions that explore pioneering approaches and recent research advancements.

“I’m excited to introduce ‘What’s Up With Catalight!’ and invite our audience to join us on this journey,” said Dr. Sneed. “I hope for this to be a platform full of conversations that illuminate and inspire. Together with my guests, we want to share the remarkable stories and innovations that are advancing care and bringing us closer to a brighter future for people with developmental disabilities.”

To subscribe and listen to “What’s Up With Catalight!,” visit Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Episodes can also be found on the Catalight podcast page and YouTube channel. Join Dr. Sneed in exploring the intersection of compassion and innovation in developmental disability care.