Happy Summer!

This issue of The Collective is about you and your child’s care. We talk about treatment options, the reality of severe autism and how to best manage those summer trips.

We appreciate you trusting us with your care needs and look forward to supporting you on your care journey.

Tracy Gayeski
Senior Vice President, Catalight Care Services

Does my young child need ABA every day?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is an intensive behavioral treatment for autism and related developmental disabilities. ABA has been shown to improve the communication and social skills of young children and decrease challenging behaviors. The fact that ABA is considered intensive is often interpreted as meaning very high ABA hours or daily ABA. If you are the parent of a young child with autism, you may have received a recommendation for ABA and may have wondered, “How much ABA does my young child need?”


Awareness for All

Every parent worries about their children. How will they do in school, how do I keep them healthy, how do I help ensure they have a better life?

Today, 1 in 36 families will discover they must also learn about how autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will affect their child’s life. 


Tips for Summer Trips

Summer is a season of change. The established routines of the school year have come to an end and new patterns take their place. For many families, summer vacations are the ultimate change in their routine. If you have a child with autism, this can be both an opportunity and a challenge.

With the Covid-19 pandemic increasingly in the rearview mirror, many families are feeling comfortable reentering the world. For some families, that means vacations to new places or extended visits with family and friends. For others, the changes may be smaller: visiting new places in your hometown and enrolling your child in new summer programs.


Keeping your care team communications secure and private.

We have a new best-in-class email encryption application to continue ensuring the security of our emails containing your personal health information (PHI). This is a seamless process, no action is needed on your behalf, but please note our new tool is from Microsoft; as we do not want you to mistake it for an email phishing campaign or spam.

Your security when communicating with Catalight Care Services is one of our top priorities. Check out our overview of the new application if you want to learn more by clicking here, or you can email customer service or call (855) 843-2476 if you need any technical support.