Letter from Tracy

As autumn arrives, October commands the spotlight on our calendar, a season of transition marked by cooler evenings and cozy comforts. Yet, beyond the changing leaves, it’s a month that weaves together several vital recognitions, emphasizing inclusivity, empathy and understanding.

From National Disability Employment Awareness Month to Down Syndrome Awareness Month, World Mental Health Day, and ADHD Awareness Month, these events prompt us to celebrate the diverse experiences and remarkable strengths of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We appreciate your trust in us for your care and are eager to be a part of your journey toward better care.

Tracy Gayeski
Senior Vice President, Catalight Care Services

50 Years of Change: Look at the Laws that Protect and Advance People with Autism

In the past five decades, significant progress has been made in safeguarding and promoting the rights of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Explore the legislation that has expanded their opportunities to obtain healthcare, education, employment and housing.

While individuals with autism and other disabilities now enjoy more extensive rights and protections than ever, there remains a substantial amount of progress to be made in building a truly inclusive society. Learn about the policies that impact the lives of children, youth and adults with autism.


What’s in a Name? The History of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Explore the evolving terminology associated with autism, including the origins of the term “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD), dating back over a century.


Words Matter

Language serves as our primary tool for communication and understanding. The use of inclusive language when referring to individuals within diverse communities reflects our respect and comprehension of those communities.

When it comes to communicating with individuals in the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Development Disabilities (IDDs) communities, making sure we prioritize people’s preferences should be our main focus. It’s essential to recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all language when talking about autism and IDDs.


In the News

Catalight continues to be at the forefront of transformative change in the realm of neurodiversity and family support. We are proud to share our recent efforts have gained recognition in the media. Here are three noteworthy articles highlighting our organization’s impact on families:

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