Your Rights

Protecting the rights of our clients at all times

Clients have the following rights:

  • To receive services in a manner free from abuse, retaliation, humiliation, neglect, and financial or other exploitation.
  • To receive services voluntarily and of your own free will.
  • To receive services that are sensitive to age, sexual orientation and gender identity, race, cultural or religious preference, health status and physical ability.
  • To receive information that allows clients, parents or any guardian to make informed consent before starting services.
  • To refuse services offered after being notified of the benefits, alternatives and consequences.
  • To be provided with access to or referral to self-help support services, advocacy services and legal entities for appropriate representation, when applicable.
  • To be an informed participant by receiving information regarding services in a reasonably prompt and confidential manner.
  • To access information and records in sufficient time to facilitate decision-making, as outlined in the Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • To receive relevant information regarding the individuals’ providing services, to the extent permitted by organizational policies and applicable privacy laws.
  • To be provided on request, an accurate and current set of professional credentials of practitioners working with the client.
  • To be provided with information on how to lodge complaints about professional practices of practitioners through the applicable professional licensing/credential board.
  • To file a complaint without fear of retaliation or the imposition of any barrier to service.

Interpreter services

Catalight Care Services and its providers offer interpreter services to clients and families with limited English skills. A Language Assistance Line service is available to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Notice of Privacy Practices / Non-Discrimination Statement