5 Reasons Providers Choose to Partner with Catalight Care ServicesDiscover How to Increase Efficiency and Deliver Better Experiences

For behavioral health providers, it can be tough juggling the never-ending list of things to do.

In between paperwork and staffing challenges, providers have to keep up with changing regulations and the latest treatment approaches. While managing these important aspects of business is important, it takes away valuable time that could be spent supporting clients and their families.

At Catalight, we provide a comprehensive solution so providers can quickly scale and respond to the growing needs of their clients today while serving as a thought partner to ensure readiness for tomorrow. With more than a decade of experience in network management and solutions, we help providers reduce administrative tasks, manage overhead and stay current with best practices, thereby giving more time to focus on what matters most – delivering quality care.

Here are five reasons why providers choose to partner with Catalight:

  1. Person-Centered Approach to Care One size truly does not fit all when it comes to care. Given the diversity of people diagnosed with developmental disabilities, having options is important. Using our real-world clinical intelligence and insights, we create individualized treatment plans to help our providers offer a mix of treatment modalities and ensure the right amount of care is delivered based on the client’s unique needs and goals. As a result, clients and their families with the right modality of care and “right-sized” treatment plans report greater satisfaction and equal, if not better, outcomes than those with mismatched care.
  2. Expert Guidance and Support Our multi-disciplinary care team provides a deep bench of clinical support from experts across behavioral therapy, psychology, family counseling and more to help providers navigate some of the more complex and challenging cases. By quickly addressing provider concerns and offering a high level of oversight and care coordination, we help reduce risk and deliver exceptional service.
  3. Breadth and Depth of Our Network With increasing demands for behavioral health services, we’re able to help providers improve access, quality—and value at scale—so they can meet the growing needs of their clients. We have the right combination of breadth and depth, allowing us to use our multidisciplinary team, clinical expertise, proprietary technologies and processes to find the best fit for clients and their families. On average, we place clients within five days, decreasing the time to care while supporting the overall wellbeing of the family.
  4. Clinical Innovations and Technologies Equipped with more than a decade’s worth of in-depth research and hands-on experience, we are shaping industry standards and developing new, data-driven treatment modalities and intelligent technologies to streamline operations. These innovations improve quality and drive down the costs of care. In addition, we use sophisticated metrics and data capture, helping providers effectively manage their caseloads, understand the client’s progress and deliver meaningful outcomes.
  5. Ethics, Accreditation and Compliance with Laws Our providers deliver high-quality care and meet internationally recognized standards as proven by our CARF accreditation. Our extensive network ensures greater access to care and personalized treatment, with a breadth of modalities, allowing us to meet the growing capacity needs. Through the work we do with our provider network, we manage all aspects of regulatory risk, complying with applicable laws and regulations.

If you’re interested in making a meaningful impact and supporting the wellbeing of individuals in your community, consider joining our robust provider network today. We proudly partner with more than 100 providers with 8,000-plus practitioners who consistently deliver quality care and work to improve the wellbeing of their clients and the whole family.