Catalight is pleased to offer Clinician Training for the Connect Clinician Program. This assessment-based certificate program covers all areas needed to become a Connect Clinician. The program covers all Connect modules and introduces clinicians to the concepts, principles and methodologies used in Connect. Clinicians complete eight modules covering all aspects of the Connect curriculum and learn directly from the experts behind Connect’s development. The Connect Clinician Training Program was developed by a multidisciplinary clinical team at Catalight. Speech Language Pathologists, psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Early Childhood Educators, parents and Behavior Analysts worked together to develop Connect based on evidence-based practices and industry-leading research. This program addresses the needs of an often-forgotten population of individuals with PIMD. This training will prepare clinicians to implement Connect with individuals with PIMD and their families to support their growth, independence and wellbeing.

Program Overview

The Connect assessment-based certificate program is intended for clinicians working in the behavioral health treatment field and is focused on those treating individuals with profound intellectual multiple disabilities (PIMD). The Connect Clinician Program’s primary purpose is to train clinicians to implement the Connect program with individuals with PIMD and their families. Using a parent-mediated approach, the program is designed around specific learning outcomes that increase the quality and efficacy of a clinician’s treatment and teach clinicians new clinical techniques to promote clients’ self-determination and wellbeing. Those who obtain a certificate in the Connect Clinician Program will be able to implement Connect with individuals and families. The Connect Clinician Program provides clinicians with the tools for successful implementation of Connect; it is not meant as a replacement for licenses, certifications or degrees required to deliver treatment to this population.

This training and assessment-based certificate program provides clinicians introductory information and context regarding a new treatment approach, Connect. The program provides key techniques and strategies to enable a clinician’s success with this empirically based parent-mediated intervention modality. Connect Clinician Program certificate holders (“Connect Clinicians”), will be providing important treatment to individuals with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) and their families. This training features 8 web-based training modules with assessments for each course, a live training session and a final exam.


Connect Program Clinician Requirements

To participate in the Connect Clinician Program, clinicians must be part of the Catalight Care Services network or apply for a specific course and receive approval from the Catalight Research Institute. Clinicians must abide by the Catalight code of conduct and must be in good standing.

To register for the Connect Clinician Program all participants must:

  • Meet Catalight Care Services High-level or Mid-level clinician requirements.
  • High Level participants must hold a valid license (LMFT, SLP, OT, PT, LPCC, Psychologist, LCSW or LPCC)
  • Must be part of the Catalight Care Services network.
  • Must be employed by an organization approved by Catalight Care Services to participate in the program.

Connect was developed by a multidisciplinary team with many contributors from across Catalight. Meet the clinical experts behind Connect.

  • Doreen Samelson, EdD, MSCP, Psychologist
  • Lindsey Sneed, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA
  • Brianna Fitchett, MA, BCBA, LBA
  • Valerie Sonnikson, MS, LMFT
  • Christina Mejia, SLP
  • Michelle Befi, MS, LMFT

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