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At Catalight Innovations, we are pioneering clinical solutions and building intelligent technologies to help bridge the gaps in care. Powered by our team of innovators and backed by data-driven insights, our digital healthcare products and services do more than strengthen connections between payors, providers, and clients and their families — they drive high-quality experiences and outcomes along the path to care.

Innovative Case Study

Inspired solutions for connected care

Managing the complexities of developmental disabilities can be overwhelming — especially for caregivers. Without the right tools and resources, it’s challenging to connect with providers, find support from like-minded people in the community and access the most up-to-date treatment information. What caregivers need is a single source of truth that makes their lives easier.

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Transforming innovative ideas into practical solutions

From wearable devices to online education, our inclusive suite of solutions empowers clients and their families during every step of their journey. And they give payors and providers access to real-time data, so they can help improve client satisfaction, loyalty and trust.


Sparkle Care

Overseeing a network of 6,000 practitioners can be a challenge. But our comprehensive Sparkle Care platform makes enterprise network management easy. By tracking and guiding the entire client journey from referral to discharge, this solution helps to drive better outcomes by ensuring that clients get the care they need, as quickly as possible.

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This proprietary mobile application is the go-to resource for families of a child with autism and related developmental disabilities. Exclusive to families in our services, myBrightlink® is designed specifically for caregivers, helping them connect with their child’s care team and treatment plan at any time, anywhere. Plus, it includes a community feature where caregivers can find support from other families, make play dates for their child and even discover local autism-friendly events. It also gives providers access to valuable education and learning resources.


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Wearables pilot

We are conducting a 12-month pilot to explore how including a wearable device in treatment plans can help decrease the anxiety and agitation that individuals with developmental disabilities often feel. By detecting the early signs of an escalation, the solution is expected to help caregivers apply support strategies that can improve the child’s and their family’s quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Building life-improving solutions, together

Our affiliate partner Xolv Technology Solutions is focused on helping customers advance their mission, expand their impact and responsibly transform their business. Made up of idea generators and technologists with more than a decade’s worth of deep clinical expertise, Xolv Technology Solutions develops integrated solutions ranging from revenue cycle management to clinical assessments. Like Catalight, Xolv Technology Solutions was born out of direct care delivery at Easterseals Bay Area and is working to solve some of today’s biggest healthcare challenges.

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