Modalities of Care

Armed with in-depth research and real-world experience, we are setting new industry standards and driving flexible modalities of care to elevate the experience of our clients and their families. Our broad scope of services supports individuals wherever they are on their path. 

Program Registration

Are you interested in our clinician certificate programs?

Chat is a fun naturalistic development and language-based intervention for children 6 and under. Skilled clinicians teach parents how to support their child’s development of language, social skills and play while addressing challenging behaviors during day-to-day activities. Learn more.


This caregiver-mediated program is designed to improve the wellbeing of people with profound intellectual multiple disabilities (PIMD) and their families. With the support of a Connect clinician, parents learn how to teach their child new skills while better connecting to their child’s needs and wants. Learn more.

parent led

Parent-Led ABA puts caregivers at the forefront of their child’s care. In this approach, highly-skilled clinicians provide parents with the training and tools they need, so they can directly implement interventions for their child. By eliminating the need for scheduled sessions with an outside practitioner, families have more flexibility to enjoy everyday activities.

parent led

An outpatient behavioral health service for youth and adults with I/DD who may also experience symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Psychotherapy sessions are designed to support the client’s wellbeing through focusing on executive functioning skills and emotional health.

Wellbeing Scales

Focused on dangerous and challenging behavior, Calibrate is a parent-mediated approach to care with a concentrated focus on behavior reduction.

Assessment Tools

Wellbeing Scales

Every six months, our clients and their families complete a Wellbeing Scale — a 15-question self-assessment that measures their quality of life. In addition, parents fill out a four-question Catalight Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale, which helps us understand their perception of their child’s treatment and their ability to teach their child learned interventions.

Wellbeing Scales

Developed for use during supervision/direct observation of the paraprofessional implementing ABA intervention, this checklist is designed to improve the clinical quality of the paraprofessional and strengthen their skills in implementing ABA treatment. 

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Aligned to our values and as part of our committment to inclusive, person-centered care, we have created a policy on the use of punishment in our treatment.  Please read Our Perspective and Policy on the Use of Punishment.

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