Clinicians are at the forefront of care. That’s why we offer a variety of clinical and professional development opportunities to help ensure they have the evidence-based skills and knowledge needed to improve client experiences and outcomes.

To accompany our industry leading service lines, we are excited to offer the clinicians in our network new online post-graduate programs that helps to further their careers. Led by an experienced multidisciplinary team of experts, these self-paced courses include web-based training, live virtual training and clinical mentorship along with tools to support the program like, clinician and family manuals. Our Classroom programs are built to support clinicians every step of the way as they implement these important programs with clients and families.  


Assessment-based Certificate Programs  

Assessment-Based Certificate Programs (ABCPs) are our way of training the clinicians of the future. These programs are designed to give clinicians all the clinical skills and knowledge to become a clinician for one of our modalities of care. Some of our ABCP also provide certified/licensed clinicians continuing education credits. Practitioners must meet the prerequisite programs for the program, complete web-based training and in some programs also a live virtual training, then pass an exam demonstrating competency in the program.  

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Continuing Education Programs 

Catalight is pleased to offer continuing education trainings to network clinicians. These trainings are offered both in a web-based format as well as live virtually throughout the year. Catalight provides continuing education for BCBAs, LMFTs, Psychologists, LCSWs, SLPs and OTs.  

  • Continuing Education Courses 
  • Parent-Led ABA 
  • Motivational Interviewing